Conquering The Mighty Jebel Toubkal In Winter

Attempting a climb of Mount Toubkal in Morocco is a challenge at the best of times, but scaling it in winter was another thing altogether. Conditions were atrocious on our climb, making it one of the most difficult and challenging climbs we’ve ever taken on.

Stranded In A Saharan Sandstorm

Our time in Morocco was full of adventure, and there were some nervous faces in our jeep when we were caught out in a Saharan sandstorm. Enveloped in the darkness, we switched the engine off and considered our options as the sand roared around us. Find out how we finally made it back to our camp!

Eating Sheep Head In The Sahara Desert, Morocco

Living with berbers in the Sahara desert was an incredible experience, watching as they went about their daily lives. As guests in their home, we were treated to a local delicacy on our last night, a freshly prepared sheep head, with all the trimmings. This was one of our biggest challenges!

Rudy Trekker camp

The Ultimate Rinjani Trekking Experience

Probably the most epic trek we have ever attempted, Mount Rinjani was one of our toughest challenges ever! Imagine spending 4 days trekking up an active volcano, camping on the caldera rim and admiring the beautiful lake that now fills the caldera. Find out everything you need to know about this incredible trek!

Cruising The Irrawaddy River From Mandalay To Bagan

From sunrise to sunset, this is a full account of our magical 12 hour adventure cruising the fascinating Irrawaddy River from Mandalay to Bagan. From ancient stupas and beautiful gold leafed pagodas to traditional riverside bamboo houses and rustic canoes accompanied by friendly locals, we’d highly recommend this is included in your Myanmar itinerary!

Camel Trekking Under The Stars, India

A camel trek into the desert was always something we wanted to do, so we jumped at the chance in Northern India. What followed was a day of bumpy trekking, a night under the stars with only a blanket and a million beetles to keep us company!

holi festival of colours

Holi Festival Of Colors, India

Holi festival in India can be intimidating, but don’t worry, use our tips to ensure you get an authentic and real experience of this celebration!

Exploring Semuc Champey Caves By Candlelight, Guatemala

Peering into the darkness ahead of us, our guide handed us a candle each and ushered us forwards. Kitted out in our swimming costumes, we had been told to expect darkness, various obstacles to climb and swimming, welcome to candle lit caving, Guatemala style!

Deep Boarding In Bocas Del Toro, Panama

“If you want to go deeper, tilt the board downwards. If you want to go to the surface, tilt it upwards. And try not to let go!” Sage words of advice from our guide as we had our first taste of deep boarding off the coast of Bocas del Toro, Panama!

Sand Dune Surfing, Peru

Picture the scene: somewhere in the Peruvian desert, the blisteringly hot, small oasis town of Huacachina surrounded by huge sand dunes beckoned us to spend a few days. We had come to do two things: relax, and attempt some sand dune surfing!

Our Polar Plunge In Antarctica! [VIDEO]

‘This is totally stupid’ we thought to ourselves as we stood on the volcanic brown sand beach of deception island, our bare feet cold in the sand. Two minutes earlier, we’d made our decision, we were going to do the polar plunge, a breathtaking run into the icy waters of Antarctica!

Camping On Antarctica (Without A Tent!)

Our adventure to Antarctica is still one of our favourites, and an absolute highlight of our time there was spending a night camping on the white continent, without a tent! It was an unbelievable experience, made all the more exciting when we were woken by two whales, feeding in the middle of the night.

Sailing The Chilean Fjords On A Navimag Ferry

With our impending 10 day boat journey to Antarctica edging ever closer, we decided we needed to get some sea leg training in beforehand! We spent four days sailing down the Chilean fjords on the Navimag ferry!

Conquering Volcan Villarrica In Pucon, Chile

If snow, ice and volcanoes are your thing, then you’ll want to check out our ascent of the Villarrica volcano in Pucon, Chile! This is by no means an easy climb, it’s a dangerous, tough climb but incredibly rewarding as you’ll see from our experience.