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From Japan With Love

It was our first time in Japan yet we quickly fell in love. Find out why, watch our video and prepared to be inspired to visit this fascinating country.

From Tokyo To Mt Fuji, A Perfect Escape From The City

Find out how to get from Tokyo to Mt Fuji, as well as which of the 5 lakes to visit for the best views of Mount Fuji!

Living With Monks In The Mountains Of Koyasan, Japan

Leaving Tokyo behind, we headed to the mountains, and in particular a small monastery in Koyasan, where we spent a couple of days. Despite the cold, it was an enriching experience, as we watched the monks go about their daily life, including the morning fire ritual (with video).

japanese tea ceremony

Japanese Tea Ceremony Experience In Kyoto

Your time in Kyoto will not be complete without experiencing a Japanese Tea ceremony, read more on the experience and what to expect!

Inspiring Things To Do In Kyoto, Japan

For inspiration and ideas on things to do in Kyoto, Japan look no further! Find out what to do in this beautiful city. Real experience from real travellers.

The Chaotic Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo

Bewildering, chaotic and bustling, the Tsukiji Fish Market is a must see in Tokyo, find out why here…

The 20 Best Japanese Food Experiences

20 of the very best Japanese food experiences you must try on your adventure to Japan!