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New Zealand South Island itinerary articles

The Ultimate New Zealand South Island Itinerary & Route!

Chugging along in our trusty campervan, we spent 2 & a half weeks travelling around the south island of New Zealand, taking in many incredible sights along the way! Here is our guide to the south island, including our route and key things to see and do!

abel tasman water taxi article

Cruising the waters of Abel Tasman National Park By Water Taxi, New Zealand

Abel Tasman National Park is top of most people’s list of things to see in New Zealand, so naturally we decided to check it out! We only spent a day in the park, walking along the coastline and sailing in the crystal clear waters. No wonder it comes highly recommended!

fox glacier new zealand article

Hiking the Fox Glacier New Zealand

We’d always wanted to hike a glacier, so when we arrived in New Zealand we headed straight down to Fox glacier for our first experience! After layering up, and slipping on some crampons, we were ready for our half day hike through the valley and up onto the glacier!

bubbly grape wine tours article

Bubbly Grape Wine Tours Review, New Zealand

When we put together our list of things to do in New Zealand, unashamedly one of the first things on that list was visit the Marlborough region on the south island! If you’re into wine, check out a Bubbly Grape Wine Tour and try some Sauvignon Blanc!

new zealand north island itinerary articles

The Ultimate One Week New Zealand North Island Itinerary & Route!

After two & a half weeks on the South island, we crossed the Cook Strait and set foot on the North Island, ready to continue our New Zealand adventure! Here is our guide to the North island, including our route and key things to see and do!

tongariro alpine crossing article

Hiking Volcanoes on the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, New Zealand

Trekking the Tongariro Alpine Crossing was easily the best experience of our time in New Zealand! Snow capped mountains and active volcanoes, combined with an 8 hour trek made this the one of the most challenging and reward days of our travels to date.

whakarewarewa thermal village rotorua article

Whakarewarewa Thermal Village, Rotorua

Imagine being able to have a free thermal spring bath whenever you want, and be able to steam cook your food over natural vents! This is what the people of Whakarewarewa Thermal Village in Rotorua experience every day, and we went along to check it out!

glow worm caves articles

Glow Worm Waitomo Caves, New Zealand

To be honest, we’d not heard about the Glow Worm caves of Waitomo before we arrived in New Zealand, but if you’re heading up the West coast of the North Island of New Zealand, it’s a great place to stop for a couple of days! The caves are beautiful and the Glow Worms are an incredible sight!

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb article

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Climbing the spectacular Sydney Harbour Bridge was an experience we’ll never forget! Read our story and check out the photos of our dizzying adventure to the top of this iconic masterpiece!

Ice Bar Queenstown articles

Ice Bar Queenstown, New Zealand

There’s nothing better than an ice cold drink, so we couldn’t resist a visit to an ice bar whilst in Queenstown! Everything in the bar was made of ice, from the chairs, to the tables and even the light fittings!

wine for dudes margaret river article

Drinking & Eating Like Kings With Wine For Dudes in Margaret River

Thinking about a tour through the Margaret River wine region in Australia? We spent a day with Wine for Dudes exploring a number of wineries, breweries and chocolate factories! This way for delicious photos and review!

restart mall christchurch article

Rebuilding Christchurch with ReSTART Mall

Before we picked up our campervan for a month, we took some time to walk through Christchurch and see for ourselves the devastation caused by the earthquake in 2011, including the unique restart mall made from shipping containers.

Jailhouse Hostel Christchurch article

Jailhouse Hostel Christchurch Review

It’s not often you find yourself in jail a mere hour after arriving in a new country, but that’s exactly what happened to us when we landed in Christchurch! It’s not what you’re thinking…

margaret river australia article

Delicious Bushtucker Wine Tour In Margaret River Australia

Our first experience of a wine tour in Australia, we travelled south from Perth to Margaret river to taste some delicious wines, cheese and chocolates!

witchetty grub article

Barry’s Witchetty Grub Bushtucker Trials

Arriving in Australia, we were thrown straight into the thick of the action in Perth! First up, sampling the delight of a Witchetty Grub! Urgh. Followed by Barry attempting to crack a whip…neither of which ended particularly well.

escape campervans articles

Escape Rentals Campervans, New Zealand

Review of Escape campervans in New Zealand! If you’re thinking about hiring a campervan in New Zealand, check out our experience of Escape rentals and some tips for making the most of this beautiful country!