Bangkok to Koh Phangan

There is a wealth of options available for travelling from Bangkok to Koh Phangan so after lots of research we wanted to share our experience to save you the hassle and make the planning of your trip from Bangkok to Koh Phangan a little easier!

How To Get From Bangkok to Koh Phangan

To avoid the hassle of booking separate tickets for each individual leg of the journey, we came across Lomprayah bus and ferry company, and you can book a combined bus and ferry ticket online (see end of this article for online booking options!). So for the complete journey from Bangkok to Koh Phangan island, you can book 1 ticket combining a bus and catamaran journey from around 1350 bhat (£27) per person. There are 2 main options including an overnight journey with an evening departure (9pm) due to arrive to Koh Phangan around 10.30am or an early morning departure (6am) getting you to Koh Phangan by around 4pm. (Please note that prices and timings may change so be sure to check for up-to-date information and advanced online bookings!) You can also book online which is great. The office is in the backpacker hub of Bangkok so you can get a taxi straight there from the airport, just have a note of the address. From our experience, the approximately 1 hour journey from the airport shouldn’t set you back much more than 600 baht (£12) in an official airport taxi.

What to expect? On our journey from Bangkok to Koh Tao island (another of the beautiful south islands to explore close to Koh Phangan), our Lomprayah bus was very comfortable and clean with the added bonus of a rather odourless and well maintained on coach toilet! On our journey, our bus left 45 minutes ahead of schedule (probably because everyone had arrived by then) so we definitely recommend arriving early for your journey. Upon our arrival to Chumphon pier (around 5am), we had a couple of hours waiting time prior to our catamaran departure, however there were comfortable deck chairs and the bonus of watching sunrise to keep us entertained. We also had to check in again at the ticket office at Chumphon pier (using our original tickets) in order to board the catamaran for the final leg of the journey. The journey from Chumphon pier to Koh Phangan is approx. 3 hours so we recommend packing a few snacks to keep you going and to help fend off any potential sea-sickness! As with most of our trip planning, we recommend arranging your hotel and a pick up from your hotel in advance to make the arrival to your destination a whole lot easier and stress-free!

Get Your Trip Organised!

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We always recommend that you book your journey in advance, so you have peace of mind that your seats are booked! We recommend using as they offer train, bus and ferry ticket booking online in advance!

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