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worldly nomads life story article

Mrs Vu Thi Thai & The Vietnam War

The first in our Life Stories series, we spent time with Mrs Vu Thi Thai, a wonderful women in the North of Vietnam. We spent hours talking (through a translator) about her life, and the husband she lost in the American (Vietnam) war. It was a sobering and enlightening experience, and we share it here through photo and video.... Read More...
sahara desert homestay article

Eating Sheep Head In A Sahara Desert Homestay, Morocco

Living with berbers in the Sahara desert was an incredible experience, watching as they went about their daily lives. As guests in their home, we were treated to a local delicacy on our last night, a freshly prepared sheep head, with all the trimmings. This was one of our biggest challenges!... Read More...
varanasi india articles

Life And Death In Varanasi, India

Varanasi was an absolute attack on the senses, and our experiences there will stay with us forever. Public cremations on the banks of the Ganges, processions of shrouded bodies through the narrow streets and sweltering heat all left an indelible mark on us. ... Read More...
koyasan japan article

Living With Monks In The Mountains Of Koyasan, Japan

Leaving Tokyo behind, we headed to the mountains, and in particular a small monastery in Koyasan, where we spent a couple of days. Despite the cold, it was an enriching experience, as we watched the monks go about their daily life, including the morning fire ritual (with video).... Read More...