Meet Geisha, our home for a month in New Zealand! She was small, but perfectly formed and a perfect companion for our tour of New Zealand!escape campervans

Escape Campervans Hire New Zealand

First things first, we know it’s cliche to hire a campervan and travel around New Zealand, but it really is the best way to see this incredible country.  And it makes you look really cool too.

We booked our campervan online through Escape Rentals, and we’d recommend using them if you’re thinking about hiring a campervan in New Zealand. You’ll find there are many options for campervan hire in New Zealand, but if you’re looking for something small, at the budget end of pricing and funky, then get in touch and see what they can do for you!

We went for the automatic Toyota campervan, and were given little ‘Geisha’ as our home for the month. Each of their van’s paint jobs are unique, and we had great fun spotting other Escape Rental vans along the way, getting a cheery wave or hello when our paths crossed.

The van slept both of us comfortably, and when the bed was put away, we had a table and comfortable seats to sit on.escape campervansOpen the back door, and you reveal the kitchen with sink, water pump and space to put a gas stove for cooking.

escape campervansAfter talking us through the van and sorting out the details, we hit the road.  Escape Rentals provide an Escape Guide, a really great booklet of what to see and do in New Zealand which we constantly checked to see where we should head next. Need some tips on getting the most out of your time in New Zealand? Check out our list below!

  • Stock up on tinned and dried goods when you pick the van up in a city (especially before you head south from Christchurch).
  • Buy local fresh produce as you go (look out for farmers markets on the side of the road).
  • Open the windows slightly at night to make it less cold (avoids build up of ice inside the van when cold – this happened to us the night before we attempted the Tongariro crossing!)
  • Whilst on the south island, you’ll find many Department of Conservation (DOC) sites to stay at for a small price and minimal facilities, but you’ll struggle on the north island unless you want to go way off the beaten path.
  • Aim to get to DOC sites at least a couple of hours before dark, otherwise it’s hard to see where to park and you don’t get much benefit if you leave the next morning.
  • Stay at a more expensive camper park once every 3 or 4 days to get electrical devices charged, get yourself showered and clothes washed (we stayed at Top 10 parks when we needed these facilities).
  • Park nearby to the toilet on DOC sites, you’ll appreciate it in the middle of the night.

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