Eliminating entire continents…

“Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you have travelled.”  Mohammed

Ruling out entire continents isn’t easy.  Early doors we dropped Africa from our round the world trip, and I felt bad about it.  Its relatively local to us, I said to myself, and so big it demands an entire adventure of its own.  And so just like the whole of Europe and Russia, it was cut from the trip.  What about the Middle East?  India? Despite going away for 12 months, the usual response was ‘I just don’t think we’ll have time for those places’.  It seems ridiculous that in a year we won’t have time to go somewhere, but having planned out our trip now, it really did get to the point where we were just going to run out of time adding even one more destination.

How to travel the world?  How would you decide where to go?  Darts at a map?  Places in a hat?  Book a one way flight and see how it goes?  Trust me that has been an option on the table more than once.

In the end we decided on key places we wanted to go, and people we wanted to see on our adventure.  So in came Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia to backpack for a couple of months.  A short break in Bali would give us a chance to recharge before we embarked on our next phase in Australia.  We wanted to mix it up between backpacking and comfort, ensuring we didn’t spend an entire year with wet wipes and chewable toothbrushes (never try them, they are rubbish).

After a relaxing time of massages and shrimp in Bali, we then head to Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne for a whirlwind tour of Oz, all neatly packed into six weeks.  Here we will test our balancing skills whilst learning to surf, drink lots of wine and have lots of BBQ’s (I couldn’t fit any more stereotypes into this sentence if I tried).  After this its campervan time!  A month journeying around New Zealand in a campervan is next in line.  I’m also hoping we can solve some crimes like Scooby Doo in return for biscuits (or white wine and BBQ’s).

Then its onto South America!  Vamos a Chile first, and then overland through Argentina to Buenos Aires, stopping off on the way to drink red wine and eat red meat (see a theme developing here?) in Mendoza and seeing old friends in Cordoba.  Argentina will also be our gateway to Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, and hopefully budget permitting, Antarctica.  Ah, a continent we haven’t ruled out yet!

Then its onto Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala and Mexico before leaving our South and Central American adventure behind for the bright lights of North America.  And they don’t get much brighter than Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York.  Better start saving more pennies, I’m a sucker for blackjack.

We’ll finish off our trip in Canada, before jetting back (with 30,000 photos probably) to the UK to end our adventure.  We will be taking bets on how long  it will take before the travel bug will return.  Having said that, we’ve got a local trip to Africa to fit in after this one.

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