Planning your adventure can seem like a daunting challenge, with so many questions. How do you decide where to go? What should you do whilst there? What should you take? This guide will take you through each of those important questions with our advice.

Shortcuts to key articles

  • Looking for inspiration on where to go in the world? Head on over to our destinations page and get inspired there.
  • Want to experience some incredible treks across the world? Go to our trekking guide, with our favourite day treks and multi day treks
  • If epic natural and historical places are your thing, check out Epic Places guide for inspiration
  • Looking for random adventures across the world? Look no further than our adventures page for everything from camel treks to caving and sand dune surfing
  • If a more practical approach is needed, we have our packing lists which will give you a good guide on what take on your adventure
  • Planning and decision making causing you stress? We’re been there ourselves! We wrote two guides on how to plan your adventure so check out our 7 emotions of planning an adventure and 10 ways travel inspires me for some of our guidance!

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We've been fortunate to visit every continent on our travels, each offering a different set of experiences and memories. If you've already narrowed down your plans to a continent or country, then head on over to your choice and read more of our adventures in that region. Or if you're still deciding where to go, pick a continent and delve deeper!

Epic Multi Day Treks

Multi day treks are the most inspiring and exciting adventures we've experienced in all of our travels. Read on for out detailed summaries and guides to get the most out of your trek!

Incredible Day Treks

Sometimes a one day hike can take you on an awesome adventure, and we've completed many across the world. These adventures require less planning and effort, but the rewards are just as good!