We’re Going To Myanmar!

We’re very excited to announce the second destination of our travels next year! Following on from a few weeks in Japan, we will be heading to Myanmar, a country that we have heard so much about from fellow travellers and one we have been desperate to visit for some time.

We’re planning to spend our time there in the north, arriving in Mandalay before travelling south to take in the stunning Bagan temple complex, where over 2000 incredible temples and pagodas spread out into the landscape. After our time in Angkor Wat in Cambodia, and the Tikal ruins in Guatemala, we’re looking forward to seeing this temple complex for ourselves!

We’re also planning on spending some time on Inle lake, visiting the locals who live on the lake in floating villages. After visiting floating villages in Vietnam, we cannot wait to compare it with Myanmar. The locals here are also famous for their ‘leg rowing’ technique so we’ll be giving that a go if we are given the chance!

Finally, a new country provides new food and drinks to try, I’m keen to add to my Worldly Beers list which currently sits just shy of 300, but also taste the local delicacies and treats along the way. Myanmar will be a completely different experience to Japan, a chance to see a country just opening its borders to the outside world. We’ll be swapping bullet trains for bumpy buses, but like most travel experiences, the harder it is to reach your destination, the more more rewarding it is. We cannot wait.

Have you been to Myanmar? Any tips for us let us know in the comments below!