Travel Insurance Is Your Most Important Purchase

If there is one thing we have a strong opinion on, it’s getting travel insurance. Don’t leave home without it!

For most people, a holiday or extended trip is one full of adventure and excitement. Most people will return home without incident, but there are some where having travel insurance can mean the difference between life and death, not to mention a huge bill if you do fall ill whilst abroad.

We use World Nomads for our travel insurance as we travel, along with many other respected travel bloggers, and we highly recommend them. You can get a quick (free) quote using the form below, and see how much it would cost to give you peace of mind on your adventure of a lifetime.

When you tell people you’re about to embark on a trip of a lifetime, sometimes the reaction isn’t quite what you’d expect. We’ve had everything from:

“You’re going there? Is it safe?”

“How will you get around? By bus?

What happens if you have an accident?”

“Wasn’t there something in the news about [insert your destination] recently? Be careful!”

All well meaning comments but talk about putting a dampener on your adventure! Let’s get one thing straight, life is meant to be an adventure. Travel is perceived to be risky, but anything can happen to anyone at any point, anywhere. Having said that, we’ve done some risky things on our travels, from crawling and swimming in underground water filled caves in Guatemala, to climbing active volcanoes in Chile, to sand boarding down sand dunes in Peru, there are times when you take a risk. Each time we have avoided major injury, but what would you do if you were injured and you didn’t have insurance? Your health is too important to not take seriously.

travel insurance

We’ve travelled across much of the world, and despite the horror stories you may hear, for the absolute majority of people their travels are a life changing, exciting time which pass without major incident. That’s not to say you shouldn’t take precautions, from medication and inoculations to travel insurance. We’ve met people on our travels who forgo travel insurance and risk it. We don’t.

When you’re budgeting for your travels, you must budget insurance cost into it. You might not need it, but if you do, you’ll be so glad you took it out. Don’t risk it, be safe and prepare for any eventuality by getting some travel insurance. We use World Nomads for our travel insurance, they are one of the top insurance providers and a number of other travel bloggers also use them with success.

You can get a free quote by filling in the form above so go ahead and see how much it costs, you never know when you might need it on your adventure.

P.S. If you get a free quote and decide to buy it from World Nomads, we receive a small commission which helps keep this site running! Don’t worry, it won’t cost you a penny more, and you can trust us to only recommend products we use or are familiar with!