Stories from our time on Antarctica, from camping on the continent (without a tent) to coming face to face with whales in the icy waters, Antarctica is a destination worth making the effort to see! Plus you get to meet the locals, the penguins being our absolute favourites. Dive in and start planning you adventure to Antarctica!

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Mesmerised By The Wildlife In Antarctica

Our fourth day on the continent with Quark Expeditions brought the most stunning weather of our time in Antarctica, with clear blue skies and calm winds! We saw many more penguins in Antarctica, crabeater seals chilling on icebergs and Skua birds stealing (and devouring) defenceless penguin eggs....
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Port Lockroy & Paradise Bay, Antarctica

Our third day on the continent saw us visit a penguin colony, where one particularly cheeky Gentoo caught our eye with his antics! We also visited Port Lockroy, an ex British Antarctic research station and Paradise harbour, a beautiful place where we climbed our first Antarctic peak!...
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Camping On Antarctica (Without A Tent!)

Our adventure to Antarctica is still one of our favourites, and an absolute highlight of our time there was spending a night camping on the white continent, without a tent! It was an unbelievable experience, made all the more exciting when we were woken by two whales, feeding in the middle of the night. ...
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The Ice Of Antarctica

One of the most magical parts of our time in Antarctica was marvelling at the incredible ice sculptures that formed around the peninsula. Huge chunks of ice would break off from the melting ice sheet, and buffeted by the harsh Antarctic conditons would form into some incredible shapes and sculptures!...
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The Curious Penguins In Antarctica

The highlight of our time in Antarctica was undoubtedly meeting the locals! We fell in love with the penguins, the way they waddled on land and glided through the icy cold waters! Here are some of our favourite anecdotes and photos of our time with them!...
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Welcome to Antarctica!

Arriving in Antarctica was the most exciting thing to happen to us in all our travels, and we'll never forget opening the curtains of our room to reveal our first glimpse of the continent! Read on for our first day, including penguin and whale spotting!...