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Is The Inca Trail Too Popular Now?

The Inca Trail seems to split travellers straight down the middle. For some, it is a chance to walk in the footsteps of the Incan Empire, to a forgotten city shrouded in mystery. For others, it is a well worn, tourist path, too cliched for many hardened nomads. But what is it really like? Is it too busy with lots of people? Is is too easy? Has it simply become too popular?

Peru For Busy People With G Adventures

Peru is a huge country with many highlights, so deciding where to go can be challenging, particularly if you are short on time. We had two weeks to see Peru, and booked a g adventures tour to see it as efficiently as possible! Find out more about how we managed to see many of the classic Peruvian experiences in two weeks!

Living With The Locals On Lake Titicaca Peru

Interacting and meeting locals can be difficult when you’re travelling and short on time. We decided to take a Peru homestay experience when we visited Lake Titicaca, and it turned out to be our favourite part of the trip!

Top 10 Photos of Peru

Peru is a country we fell in love with when we visited it, and its definitely one of our favourite countries in the world. We’ve collated our 10 favourite photos of Peru from our time spent there, from the Luquina community at Lake Titicaca, to the Inca Trail and Machu Pichu!

Wrestling A Donkey & Getting Engaged On Lago Titicaca

Peru is probably our favourite South American country we’ve visited so far, and we got engaged whilst experiencing a homestay on Lago Titicaca Peru! We thought we would share our engagement story, from the proposal, to the unexpected donkey appearance!

The Amazon Jungle of Peru & Local Shamans

Our fantastic experience of the Amazon Jungle of Peru, and our visit to a Tambopata Lodge, Puerto Maldonado. We were treated to piranha fishing, spider hunting, jungle trekking and a visit to a local tribe where Barry was treated by a real life Shaman!

4 Minutes in South America [VIDEO]

Check out our 4 Minutes in South America video for a whirlwind trip through Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and the Galapagos islands! Warning, may cause you to travel…

Cooking up a storm in Arequipa Peru

With our love for Peruvian food growing by the minute, it didn’t take us long to sign up for a ‘Peruvian Cooking Experience’ in Arequipa and get our chef hats on, literally! On the menu today, ceviche and pescado a la macho!

The Very Best Of Peruvian Food

From guinea pig to sashimi, we absolutely loved our Peruvian food experiences. Have a look at some of our favourite Peruvian food dishes from our time there, as well as our obsession with coca leaf tea, Inca Cola and Pisco Sours!

Sand Dune Surfing, Peru

Picture the scene: somewhere in the Peruvian desert, the blisteringly hot, small oasis town of Huacachina surrounded by huge sand dunes beckoned us to spend a few days. We had come to do two things: relax, and attempt some sand dune surfing!

Excavating The Pyramids of the Sun & Moon, And Finding Moche Art!

Rattling through the intense heat near Trujillo in the north of Peru, we visited the partially excavated Pyramids of the Sun & Moon, a pre Incan city built by the Chimor civilization, where over 30,000 people once lived. This is a fantastic (and quiet) site to see some pre Incan ruins!