Travel Videos

″A traveler without observation is a bird without wings.” – Moslih Eddin Saadi

A photo can tell a 1,000 words, but even some of our best photos can fall short of our memory of a moment, so we created these short video narratives of some of our favourite places in the world. We have been privileged to witness some incredible sights across the globe, from meeting the locals on Antarctica, to the locals of Asia, the world never ceases to surprise us as we continue our adventures across the globe.

Here is a collection of our favourite travel videos we’ve created, so grab a coffee and settle in for a whirlwind journey across the globe! And don’t forgot to subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep updated on our adventures!

Discover Your World!

Lets get started with our highlights video from all of our travels! Sometimes its hard to articulate why we travel and how it benefits us, but all we know is we are better people for the experiences we’ve had around the world!



Our time in Morocco was rammed full of adventure and incredible experiences, and a country we have fantastic memories of! From climbing Mount Toubkal in winter, to taking a camel trek into the Sahara, staying with berbers and getting caught in a sandstorm, we have so many stories to tell! Watch our highlights from Morocco and get inspired to visit!

An Indian Adventure

We fell in love with India, despite it being one of the most challenging countries we’ve ever visited. A diverse country full of contrasts, from deserts to mountains. It is a place not to be missed. Enjoy our epic journey across this wonderful country!

Japan With Love

Why do we love Japan so much? Maybe it’s the fresh sushi, maybe it’s the steaming bowls of ramen, maybe it’s the people. Or maybe it’s the unique cultural quirks and traits that set Japan aside as one of the most intriguing places we have ever been!

4 Minutes In Antarctica

Have you ever wanted to go to Antarctica to see penguins, sea lions and whales alongside stunning scenery? Or maybe just set foot on the white continent? To do so is an incredible experience, one we are delight to have experienced! Watch our ‘4 Minutes In Antarctica’ video for an inspiring insight into this incredible continent.

4 Minutes In Asia

Our first travel love, Asia has so much to offer, for all different types of people. From stunning beaches on beautiful islands, to world class historical sites, and that’s not even mentioning the incredible food on offer from this collection of magical countries. Dive in and take a trip through South East Asia with us!


Epic Mount Rinjani Trek

This has to be the most gruelling multi day trek we’ve ever completed, but it was worth it to climb down into the caldera of a volcano and camp in the shore of the lake inside! Mount Rinjani is one of the most epic natural sights we’ve ever seen, and despite it only being a 4 day 3 night trek, it took all our energy to complete it! Enjoy our experience!

Midnight Sun Fishing Finland

We’d never experienced the midnight sun before, so when we given the chance to go fishing and experience it in the Finnish lakelands, we jumped at the chance. We had a fantastic time, caught some fish and admired the almost never ending sunset!

Eating Sheep Head In The Sahara

This was easily our most difficult culinary challenge, a whole sheep head (minus the skull) for dinner! We were presented this dish by our host berber family in the Sahara desert, and we felt honoured by the effort they went to cook it! See what we think of it in our video…

Finnish Smoke Sauna Experience

Throughout our adventures in Finland, we’d grown accustomed to having a sauna wherever we went! This smoke sauna was the highlight of our time in Lapland, especially with access to a freezing cold ice hole just outside the sauna!

A Wedding In Vietnam

This was one of our most impromptu travel experiences! We we staying in a homestay in the North of Vietnam when we were invited to a wedding that evening! What followed was copious shots of rice wine and some of the best food of all our travels! Oh and there was karaoke…

An Arctic Polar Dip

This still makes us cold just thinking about it! We took an Icebreaker ship from the port of Kemi in Finland, and after some hours crashing through ice sheets, we got off and took a dip in the icy waters!

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