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rinjani trekking article

The Ultimate Rinjani Trekking Experience

Probably the most epic trek we have ever attempted, Mount Rinjani was one of our toughest challenges ever! Imagine spending 4 days trekking up an active volcano, camping on the caldera rim and admiring the beautiful lake that now fills the caldera. Find out everything you need to know about this incredible trek!

trekking rinjani article

Trekking Rinjani With Rudy Trekker!

A complete review of our epic 4 days 3 nights Rinjani trekking experience with Rudy Trekker, including videos and photos!

gili meno island article

Gili Meno Island: A glimpse of what could have been…

Whilst on Gili Meno island, we stumbled upon a reminder of what the island could have become, or more worryingly, a vision of what the future holds. Most of the developments on the island are small and unobtrusive. This hasn’t always been the case, as we discovered when we stumbled upon an abandoned larger resort on the island.

gili islands article

Castaway On The Gili Islands, Indonesia

Our week on Gili Meno was as close as we’ll get to a Robinson Crusoe experience! A week of turquoise waters, turtles, isolated beaches and fresh fruit juice, Gili Meno was a place we didn’t want to leave!