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semuc champey article

Paradise Found in Semuc Champey, Guatemala

Bedraggled and tired after a 10 hour crawling bus journey around Guatemalas infamous winding roads, we perched on a tree stump with fresh fruit juice in hand. We had arrived at the aqua green lagoons of Semuc Champey!

semuc champey caves article

Exploring Semuc Champey Caves By Candlelight, Guatemala

Peering into the darkness ahead of us, our guide handed us a candle each and ushered us forwards. Kitted out in our swimming costumes, we had been told to expect darkness, various obstacles to climb and swimming, welcome to candle lit caving, Guatemala style!

semuc champey chocolate article

Making Sweet Chocolate In Semuc Champey, Guatemala

One thing we didn’t expect to be doing deep in the Guatemalan countryside was creating our own chocolate from scratch, but that’s exactly what happened when we visited Semuc Champey! It was an interesting (and tasty) experience!

semana santa guatemala article

Semana Santa Celebrations In Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua in Guatemala has arguably some of the best celebrations of Holy week, or Semana Santa in all of Latin America. We were lucky enough to be in town for the celebrations, and the numerous processions along its ancient cobbled streets…

semana santa guatemala displays article

The Displays of Semana Santa Guatemala

We were incredibly lucky to be in Antigua, Guatemala for the famous Semana Santa Guatemala (Holy Week) celebrations which are revered as some of the best in all of Latin America. One of the main elements of the celebrations are the intricate and delicate floral displays laid on the road for the processions to walk over on their journeys and here we share our favourite images.

mayan ruins guatemala article

Exploring Magnificent Mayan Ruins In Guatemala

Tikal National Park in Northern Guatemala provided us with our first glimpse of Mayan ruins after our extensive travels through Incan territory in South America. If you’re thinking of visiting Chichen Itza in Mexico, think about heading here to see the magnificent Mayan Ruins of Guatemala!