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welcome to the galapagos article

Welcome to the Galapagos Islands! [VIDEO]

As we surged through the green waters surrounding the island of Sante Fe, our zodiac driver cut the engine to a slow speed as our beach landing came into view. A beach full of sea lions enjoying the afternoon sun…

Galapagos Tortoise santa cruz article

Giant Tortoises of Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos

Potentially a highlight of all our travels to date, our meeting with the giant tortoises of Santa Cruz was a special one. We were lucky enough to spend some time with these docile, gentle, quiet creatures as they sat in almost eternal contemplation.

south plaza island article

Exploring The South Plaza Island Of The Amazing Galapagos Islands!

Enjoy our photo journey through South Plaza Island, a stunning part of the Galapagos Islands group! Relaxed iguanas, birds and beautiful scenery!

dolphins galapagos article

Flying Dolphins! Galapagos Islands [VIDEO]

As we sailed on our catamaran, we encountered a pod of over 200 dolphins who swam alongside us and began launching themselves out of the water! Possibly our favourite part of our Galapagos experience!

happy gringo article

Happy Gringo Tours, Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos islands are on many peoples bucket lists, but deciding which islands to visit and whether to do a cruise or not is a difficult choice! After much research, check out our tips for making the most out of your time on these beautiful islands!

galapagos islands cruise article

Under The Sea On Our Galapagos Islands Cruise With Happy Gringo

The best part of the Galapagos islands is arguably what happens in the waters surrounding the islands. We were lucky to snorkel a number of times on our trip, swimming with turtles, sea lions, sting rays and even (gulp) sharks!

sante fe island galapagos article

Sea Lion Surprise On Sante Fe island, Galapagos Islands! [VIDEO]

When we landed on the island of Sante Fe, we picked our way through hundreds of sea lions lazing on the beach, and found a safe spot near some bushes where we could safely observe these incredible creatures. Or so we thought…

galapagos islands article

Teenage Mutant Ninja Barry! Well almost…

There are some things that are simply too good to turn down. A good bowl of Pho in Vietnam, an empanada in Argentina, and the chance to live out a boyhood dream of becoming a real life Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle!

south america video article

4 Minutes in South America [VIDEO]

Check out our 4 Minutes in South America video for a whirlwind trip through Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and the Galapagos islands! Warning, may cause you to travel…