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travel blog worldly nomadsWe’re Barry & Laura, happily married and forever dreaming of our next adventure!

We’ve always been curious about the world, and in 2012 we quit our jobs, got married and set off to find some adventures to call our own…and we’ve never looked back! We’ve seen and experienced some incredible things on our travels, and been to some beautiful places, many of which you can read about on these very pages.

These days, after a long time on the road, we’ve set up base in Scotland, and spend the warmest 9 months of the year here filming beautiful elopement wedding films through our film company, Wild Pines Films. For those travelling to Scotland to marry, it’s an incredible opportunity to capture you on your own adventure!

Barry also films larger weddings for Scottish couples marrying in Scotland as well with our Worldly Nomads Films brand, so you can see our summers in Scotland are always busy!

But you’re here because you want to experience your own adventure of a lifetime! Well, read on for how we came to be the Worldly Nomads, and how you can get out and see the world for yourself!

The Beginnings of Worldly Nomads

For whatever reason, you’ve stumbled across our corner of the internet. Perhaps you’re seeking inspiration for your next adventure, perhaps for your very first adventure? Or maybe you just want to see the world through someone else’s experiences, either way you’re in the right place!

We’ve been travelling since 2012 and have so many stories to share!

We passionately believe that everyone should get out and see the world, to experience their own adventures, no matter how big or small. This doesn’t mean you need to set off on an epic round the world trip, or take 6 months off to see the world. Although we believe the slower you travel, the greater the experience, if you don’t have the time or money, we want to show you what you can achieve! After all:


We’re big believers that too often we put off what we truly want to do until we’re either too old to enjoy it, or not even here to have the chance. Money, careers, children, family, friends, health. The list of reasons why people aren’t able to break free and do what they want grows with every minute that passes, so if you think you might have even the smallest of chances of getting out and seeing the world, we urge you with all our hearts to give it a shot! All too quickly life will catch up with you.

So, a little about us…After we both graduated with degrees (in Economics & Accounting) we threw ourselves into our corporate careers, and for 8 years we slogged it out, aiming for the next promotion and bigger pay check. But throughout all this, we both felt a sense of unease at this being our path for the rest of our lives.  So we quit our jobs in 2012, set up the Worldly Nomads and headed out into the world with a rough plan of action.

As we travelled, we quickly figured that our future lives should involve travel and entrepreneurship. And we’ve never looked back.

We’ve visited every continentcamped on Antarctica, got caught in a sandstorm in Morocco, hitched a ride on a cargo ship in Chileclimbed epic volcanoes and met some wonderful people along the way, and there is still so much more to come.

The moral of the story? Well, the life that we have built for ourselves didn’t occur overnight. It took years of hard work and relentless focus to get us into a position where it was even only a possibility. And even then, we’ve been running the Worldly Nomads since 2012 and it takes up an incredible amount of time. It’s our labour of love, a personal chronicle of our lives, and as we grow and develop, we want to share that with others. Although we like to think the Worldly Nomads is for us, in reality it is for you (yes you!) to hopefully inspire, and excite you, to see a small part of the world for yourself.

So where do you go from here?

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Barry & Laura