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trekking laos village homestay article

Incredible Experience Trekking Laos & Village Homestay

Laos is famous for its natural beauty, and we knew this was the place to go trekking and experience a homestay! What followed were two days of breathtaking scenery, arduous trekking and welcoming villagers – a highlight of our trip so far!

chiang mai to luang prabang article

Mekong River Cruise: Chiang Mai To Luang Prabang By Boat!

Probably our most unique border crossing to date, we decided to spend two days sailing down the Mekong River as we crossed from Northern Thailand into Laos!

luangprabang article

Smoke Filled Food Markets of Luang Prabang

“Fill this plate with as much food as you can! All for one set price!” one eager chef barks. Across from him an energetic old lady is currently grilling whole fish, which for a small add on charge is yours to have…welcome to Luang Prabang!

lao history uxo laos article

The bombs of Laos: UXOs & COPE

Laos was heavily affected by the Vietnam war, and continues to suffer the after affects of unexploded bombs across the country. We visited two charities doing their best to clear the bombs, and help those who suffer the affects of an unexploded bomb.

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4 Minutes In Asia [VIDEO]

4 Minutes In Asia is a short narrative of four stunningly beautiful countries: Thailand, Laos, Vietnam & Cambodia. All footage shot on a hand held, second hand camera.