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Ometepe Nicaragua: Twin Volcano Island!

Perched on a wooden bench, our backpacks deposited in a heap in front of us, we were excited. We’d caught a glimpse of the majestic twin volcanic island of Ometepe as we made our way to San Juan del Sur, and after a relaxing few days by the beach, we were finally on our way to the island!

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Hiking And Exploring Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

Melting in the middle of a stifling heatwave, we slumped in our hammocks as we considered our options. Yes we’d travelled a long way to reach Ometepe Island, but the thought of leaving the cover of our farm building (and its fresh fruit smoothies) to trek to a waterfall three hours away filled us with dread…

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Doing Nothing in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Leaving the border crossing behind, the tree lined road gave way to open an open expanse, and to our right we got our first glimpse of the majestic twin volcanoes of Ometepe Island. We would be heading there in a few days, but first we’d scheduled some down time in a small cove near the town of San Juan del Sur.