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winter in finland article

8 Awesome Things To Do In Winter In Finland!

Winter in Finland is a magical experience. Here we list our top 8 recommended activities for a visit to Lapland from meeting real reindeer herders to hunting the Northern lights!

scotland road trip article

10 Dramatic Images From An Epic Scotland Road Trip To Skye

Planning a road trip to Skye? Or just enjoy epic scenery? Then take a look at these 10 dramatic images of our epic Scotland road trip to the Isle of Skye!

lapland winter article

A Lapland Winter Wonderland – Photo Highlights & Travel Tips!

Dreaming of visiting magical Lapland in winter? Look no further! Check out our Lapland winter highlights, photos and tips.

stargazing scotland article

5 Stunning Images Of Stargazing In Scotland

Feast your eyes on these incredible night sky images of the Milky Way and the illusive Aurora Borealis, set against some of Scotland’s most dramatic landscapes!

midnight sun article

10 Stunning Images Of The Midnight Sun in Finland & How To Visit!

Witnessing the midnight sun for the first time was an experience we’ll never forget. Not only does it give you an amazing sense of peace and tranquility, but it’s a photographer’s dream! Dive in and take a look through our highlights, including tips on how to plan your own trip.

fishing in finland article

What Makes Fishing In Finland So Special? (Finland Video!)

From stunning lakes to epic midnight sunsets, fishing in Finland is awesome. Watch our short video to find out why and experience it for yourself!

midnight sun fishing article

Why Midnight Sun Fishing In Finland Is So Amazing

We’re no fishing experts but we LOVED our first experience of fishing under the midnight sun in the Finland Lakelands! Take a look through the highlights here.

finland winter article

A Finland Winter Cottage Retreat

Everything you need to know about planning a Finland Winter Holiday to the beautiful and serene Finnish Lakeland, including tips & recommendations!

things to do in turku article

5 Things To Do In Turku & The South Coast Of Finland

Get inspiration for a visit to Turku and the south coast Archipelago of Finland with this summary of top things to do in Turku, including photos and tips!